Outstanding Invoicing Software That Could Help You


Zervant are an online billing software company; their software is an online, cloud based tool so no software has to be downloaded. They make invoicing a lot simpler for smaller businesses. They offer a free trial and 30 days unlimited access to all of their software’s features and functionality. This means that for 30 days you can create, send and manage as many invoices as you want for free. All their trial still gets Zervant’s Premium Support Service just like their paying clients. There is no commitment unless you choose to go for the paid subscription, so all you need to get started is an email. Once the trial has ended you will still have access to your account but you won’t be able to any send invoices. They have a range of tools will help you keep on top of your businesses finances too.

The server works with several browsers including Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. You are able to manage your business finances anytime, anywhere. They even use a high security audit process to track and identify any kind of unauthorised system use. Their invoicing software includes payment reminders and credit notes. When it comes to creating invoices this means creating a detailed database of all your products and customers, and the VAT is automatically calculated.

You can mark an invoice as paid, and the money will automatically be booked into your accounts using the VAT report. So you can be sure that you pay the right amount of tax. This means you can get an up to date picture of how your business is doing, rather than having to work all of it out yourself. Their expenses features allow you to do things such as record income and provide VAT returns.

They offer four different subscriptions these are the mini which is £5 a month, the Pro which is £9 a month, the team which is £25 and the unlimited which is £54 a month; these prices don’t include the VAT cost each month. The mini is only able to be used by one user and only offers 3 invoices a month; however the pro can also only be used by one user but offers unlimited invoices. The team can be used by between two and five user and offers unlimited invoicing. The unlimited can be used by an unlimited amount of users and offers unlimited invoices each month. All of these offer premium support, time tracking, reports for your accountant and accounting tools for sole traders.

One Of The Markets Leading Providers In 3PL


3P Logistics, are also known as 3rd Party Logistics, they are an amazing business who provide both warehousing and distribution for companies who sell products. These companies sell their products online and then 3PL go on to take care of the shipment of the orders. They have a fantastic and  hard working team who help to make up the are multi-award winning businesses, who are known as one of the markets leaders in the 3PL supply chain from both SME’s and blue chip clientele. They offer many different services such as freight management, E commerce support and distribution services.


order fulfilment serviceFor E commerce support they provide a range of different services such as market store build and listing support. However, they offer web photography in which they cater for most photography needs; these are edited to a high standard. Using their marketplace integration means you can gain maximum exposure across a wide range of online marketplaces. They offer a choice of simple but effective designs, all of which are for affordable prices. They also have a call centre team who are available to answer any calls on your behalf. Then their warehouse services also include pre retail and non-compliance services. They do this by enhancing service, reducing fixed costs and improving overall efficiency. From the container, right through to returns processing, they are able to complete a range of warehousing services under one roof. They also provide you with E fulfilment services such as order fulfillment services, inbound handling and stock management. They can pick and pack your orders for you, handle your stock build requirements including de-stuffing and re-turns management. Warehouse storage is available for short-term and long-term, all depending on which you require. They have dedicated personnel and employ the best practice techniques, as well as constantly developing their systems.


Their order fulfilment services are at the very core of their combined service offering. Their pick and pack services have particular appeal to a wide range of online sellers. The distribution services include collections & uplifts, mail & parcel delivery services and pallet delivery services. Their distribution services would include royal mail business services, next day express or economy parcels and returns collections; as well as many others. When it comes to freight management, this splits off into freight forwarding services and insurance services. They offer competitive rates and shortened lead times associated with all types of freight movements. Their freight services include inland haulage, documentation and customs clearance. For their freight forwarding services they keep it simple with just one point of contact and one invoice. Then with insurance services they provide low cost freight insurance per transaction; immediate cover is an option.


Why Is Fuel Hedging Important For Your Business?

Fuel hedging is a contractual tool that large fuel consuming companies use to reduce their exposure to rising fuel costs. It allows fuel consuming companies to establish a fixed cost. To do this they have to enter a hedge contract to protect themselves from fuel costs that are higher than the current prices. Fuel prices fluctuate due to the oil market being extremely volatile. This is a proactive strategy for budget protection; it is also great for those who want insurance against price fluctuations. However oil hedging is when a company, who has a high exposure to oil, hedges against the price of oil for a chosen amount of time. This means they lock in and pay the current price of oil, for however long the contract lasts, no matter whether the price of oil changes, they still only pay a set price.


fuel price hedging

Companies will hedge against the price of fuel and oil to help save them some money. Hedging is ideal for businesses such as air lines and cruise lines, as they use a large amount of fuel, so this can help to save them a lot of money in the future. Fuel hedging means, if it was £1 a litre for fuel at the minute, you would pay that price until the contract ends. They do this because if they think fuel is at a low price now, but it’s going to increase soon. They will hedge so they don’t have to worry about the amount they have to pay increasing.  However, the contract they make can last as long as or as short as they want, to allow them to decide more freely. Even if the price changes outside of the contract, you still pay the price agreed on the contract. Companies like Mandara, charge you a small fee to sign up and then if the price of fuel or oil increases your company will get the difference back. Businesses that need to buy significant amounts of oil are the ones who hedge against crude oil prices. They do this to try save themselves money in case the price of oil increases, so the oil will stay at the price it was when the contract was made, until the contract ends. Mandara is a fantastic hedging and derivatives trading company. They specialise in hedging the cost of oil to businesses with a high exposure, ensuring that oil price fluctuations don’t have an adverse on their business. They only employ the most talented individuals, so they can deliver the best service possible to their customers.


The World Of Watches Is Changing

The Newest Version Of Watches Is Here

Wooden watches happen to be one of the most recent trends and one of the most unique ones too, that’s because they want their watches to be different. These watches are handmade, pieces of art each made from a different wood with their own style. These are a great gift for guys and girls; they are different to most watches, which are what makes them stand out. Many people like these watches as they are lightweight, comfortable and stylish. A good thing about these watches is they are great gifts especially for father’s day and your fifth wedding anniversary. As it’s a tradition to buy each other something wooden on your 5th wedding anniversary to show you have a strong, deep bond just like the roots of a tree. These watches are made from Plantwear. All of the watches are made from FSC approved sources and all of the cases are handmade; those with a wooden bracelet are completely handmade. The cases are made from a selection of woods such as oak, ebony, massaranduba, rose, maple and wegne. There are also many different series of watches that they do such as urban, glamour and raw. Popular watches include the urban series-wegne and the glamour series-massaranduba.

plantwear uk

One watch would be the Maple one from the Sierra series. This watch is made from 100% maple; this means that the case, bracelet and dial are all made from maple. You can get other watches similar to this such as the oak, massaranduba and ebony ones. This watch is 100% handmade. Another one of the gorgeous watches that they offer is from the urban series it’s called white and black. This watch is 100% handmade unlike most of the others; the wood it’s made of is ebony and oak. These colours work really well with each other as they contrast and make the watch stand out. When it comes to being water resistant, it’s not 100% water resistant but it is splash resistant. This watch has got a stainless steel metal crown, which has a mineral glass face. The watch also comes with an adjustable strap, this means you don’t have to worry about it being too tight or about it falling off your wrist and sliding around. This stunning watch is slightly different to most of the others, partially because it’s completely wood which not all of them are and it’s made up of two different stunning woods. This watch is very popular due to being one of the only ones like this, there’s only one other watch similar to this which uses the same woods just changes the parts made from each wood.


Surveys Say EU Drop Out Will Cause House Prices To Fall In Plymouth

The 2016 yearly pace of house prices in the United kingdom have decreased to 4.9% in April, it’s dropped from being 5.7% the previous period In March of 2016 the annual pace of house costs in the UK was at 5.7% and dropped to 4.9% in April. In April property costs increased by just 0.2%, this is the lowest month-to-month rise ever since last November. The demand for commercial house is now at its lowest. In March property owners were rushing to beat an boost in stamp study, this resulted in the selling of households being at a record high. The fall is partially due to the fact that international buyers have been put off by the possibility of the UKs leave from the European Union; since the EU referendum became a certainty international buyers have lost interest in the UKs commercial property. Survey outcomes said that 43% of people said that a Britain leave from the EU would have a bad influence on the commercial property sector.

Real Estate Agents have said that if we choose to exit the EU it will have a negative effect over the next few years, as property costs will fall. While some suppose the drop in price could be good information for first time buyers. They would gain from the minor competition for housing and rental inflation decelerate. Instead of getting the help from Estate Agents in Plymouth, private property owners may choose to just advertise their houses, as a result of drop in rental inflation.

Although many citizens are saying house costs will fall if we exit the EU, however there is a discussion on whether or not this is a negative thing. A drop in property prices could maybe be a positive thing, as it would bring the average property values down to a sustainable amount. The decline in costs would a be a good thing for young, first time buyer’s. Things might not improve immediately for first time buyers it can over time. Even though it might have a negative consequence on landlords if they have to advertise their homes, as they might not get as much as they previously could. The housing market as a whole can get worse, as the next 10 years go by. This means costs of houses could become even more expensive; this would result in some properties increasing above £1m. This would make things difficult for first time buyers.

Brexit could swipe 25% off the standard house value. In North Wales there has been some houses dropping by 7.5% in cost over the past year The cost of houses in North Wales has been dropping, in the last twelve months, by roughly 7.5%. There would be an rise in interest rates and a major correction in the housing market, as well as lower growth, this would additionally trigger the abrupt fall in property prices. Unless you are a buy-to-let landlord or about to sell your house, then the price of homes don’t affect you. Property transactions are likely to drop in the second quarter as likely buyers await the results Potential buyers will be awaiting the outcome of the falling prices, which will result in property dealings decreasing throughout the second quarter. There has already been a descend in European buyers in the last three months; this has then contributed to a decline in costs in the capitals luxurious postcodes of as much as 12% in comparison to last year The lack of European buyers being interested in UK houses over the previous few months, has ended up contributing to the fall of prices in capitals luxury postcodes. Certain property owners have decided to acquire smaller properties as a consequence of the fall in costs, this is as smaller houses are still in high demand.

Upgrade Your Home’s Interior


The Bedroom Place offer a wide selection of stunning Pine furniture ranges such as Vintage pine, Arctic pine, Dorchester pine and many more. They send their furniture flat packaged but for just a small charge, they will assemble it for you; so everything’s easier and nothing goes wrong when setting it up.

Pine comes from evergreen coniferous, resinous trees; valued for their timber. Pine trees are fast growing soft woods which grow in dense stands, which can be used for high quality carpentry. They are also harvested and grown to be used as Christmas trees. Pine is a soft white or sometimes a pale yellow lightweight, strained grain wood, which lacks figure. As it’s often used for country styled furniture it tends to be pickled, whitened, painted and/or oil finishes once it’s made.

One of the ranges that they offer is the Thornton pine bedroom furniture range. This range is hand crafted and has a modern look to it. All of the drawers are dovetail jointed with metal handles. These furniture pieces are long lasting and come in pieces such as bedside cabinets, drawer chests and mirrors. Then there’s Quebec Pine which is finished in a gorgeous off white paint. This range is made up of solid pine and medium density fibreboard, which is used on the hidden bits of the furniture. The furniture in this range is sold at a fantastic, affordable price. This range includes furniture pieces such as stools, ottomans and wardrobes.

pine furniture7Two similar ranges would be Boston pine and vintage pine. Boston has a dark antique stain which makes it more aesthetically pleasing, this is followed by dark lacquer and two coats of semi-gloss dark lacquer to get such a luxurious finish. Vintage has a stunning, more aged look to it. Boston is also made up of ash veneered side panels as well as solid pine. Boston comes in pieces such as bookcases and blanket boxes, where as vintage pine comes in pieces such as console tables and ladder library unites.

Another fantastic range would be Corona. This range has a stunning traditional and classic style, it is made up of solid pine apart from the drawer bases and cabinet backs. This furniture is held together by black fittings and has a nice, subtle wax finish. This range has many pieces of furniture that would be perfect for your home such as dressing tables and side boards.

Origins Upcoming Development At Brookmans Park

These houses for sale in Brookmans Park are situated in Brookmans Park, is a modern and captivating new housing development.

Brookmans is a perfect place for the whole family as it has a variation of things to do for example fishing in Gobions woods or visiting a nature reserve and if you want to do something a bit sportier then there is also a private golf club. You will also find a range of local shops close by such as a bakery, a post office, a library and plenty of others.


brookmans park homes

If you invest you money into one of these homes you will become part of a friendly village community, whilst enjoying the peacefulness of the country side whilst not being far from London if you want to go out for the day or to go shopping. There is a range of transport which can take you to London such as the local bus service and if you go to Brookmans Park Railway Station then you can get a train into Central London; also if you drive then you can take the motorway into London.

One of the many positive aspects of living in Brookmans would be that the crime rates are kept low and that there are many high rated schools in the area such as Dame Alice Owens which overall for exam results in 2015, 92% of the year 11’s received 5A*-C grades including maths and English.

These impeccable houses have a wide range of layouts all depending on the type you chose. For example the layout for one of the stylish, new terrace houses consists of three floors. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room, a WC and a kitchen/dining room. On the first floor there are two well sized bedrooms, one with an en suite and a separate bathroom. Finally, on the third floor there is a much larger bedroom with an en suite.



All of the homes are already provided with parking space and most of the homes are provided with already installed garages or car ports. Most of the houses only have three bedrooms although a small selection of them has four bedrooms.

The homes are all owned by Origin Properties, which operate in London. The homes cost anywhere from £700,000 and upwards.

If you would like to receive more information on the houses that are available and be able to view others as they become available then the website is www.brookmans-at-brookmans.co.uk

Being a Qualified Sports Massage Therapist

The Sports Massage Therapy Course (QCF) Level 3  is designed for 16+ year olds who wish to work as a sports massage therapist, considering a career in active leisure and/or people already working in the active leisure profession who wish to enhance their career progression opportunities.
The Diploma provides learners with a combination of both knowledge and skills to be known as a qualified sports massage therapist. This course is suitable for people who wish to pursue/enhance their career in sports massage therapy, offering it to a range of clients, including performers, athletes and everyday individuals.

The qualification, offered by FLM Training, will enable learners to work as a sports massage therapist in a variety of places, including sports massage therapy and rehabilitation clinics, wellness clinics, spas, fitness facilities and many other sporting organisations. Many clients will suffer from day to day problems that you would have to help with such as repetitive strain injury, sprains, tension and fatigue.

The Sports Massage Course is available for anyone who is looking to pursue a career in health and fitness, and also suitable for personal trainers, group exercise instructors and fitness instructors. It is typically delivered over 6 days and with the assessment following that. You learn Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Massage, how to assess clients, and pre event and post event techniques as well as various methods for how to deal with many different injuries and sprains. The course is extremely practical and that there is only so much you can read from a book.

personal trainer courses manchester sports fitnessSports Massage helps relieve stress and aids clients onto the road of recovery post injury, and it also helps recovery between training sessions. Acquiring this skill means you no longer need to refer clients to therapists, it is another service you can offer to your clients and something else you can add to your skill set if you are already a personal trainer or a coach.

The Sports Massage Qualification is recognised by the Complementary and Natural Care Council (CNHC) and the General Council for Massage Therapies (GCMT).



The Benefits of White Label SEO

With many online marketing companies facing decline in revenue, and many of these companies wanting to provide SEO services to potential clients but cannot because they don’t know much about it, White Label SEO is a way to benefit both the providers of search engine optimisation, and the resellers as well.

White Label SEO is a way of an SEO service to offer their assistance under another company’s brand, so the client is still dealing with the company as far as they are concerned. The White Label SEO agreement is becoming more popular because both teams gain something from it; a company who knows very little about SEO can buy and resell an SEO’s company’s services whilst their client still remains under their company, and the provider will get their own clients, and more and more clients who want to resell SEO services. It is also important the provider remains anonymous during the process and that the only company communicating with the client is the reseller, as the reseller is maintaining the customer under their brand and it cements a relationship with the client. This kind of trade agreement is mutually beneficial.

SEO in general helps web-based businesses improve their online presence and reach out to more potential clients, and White Label SEO is becoming more popular amongst these online businesses because of the benefits it provides.
Firstly, the price range is different. A small company hiring out a full-time SEO service could hurt their finances majorly, however with White Label, the company chooses the price. They can choose a cheap service package, so they have the same assistance, just paying less. The company will buy the service from the main SEO provider at a wholesale price, and then decide on more as they choose the price. They can do this without the involvement from the provider and can generate profit this way and act as the contributor – as the provider remains anonymous – whilst not having to know much about SEO.

Additionally, it benefits the provider as well. The SEO service’s business size increased, as not only now are they offering the expertise to their own clients but also to the clients of the SEO resellers, which helps their business size grow in a short time span. As a lot of companies invest a lot of time, money and resources into bringing in new clients, White Label providers benefit because the reseller takes care of the clients and the business, whilst the SEO provider remains unknown and doing business as usual. They also don’t have to devote time increasing their revenue as the resellers provide this opportunity for them.

There’s More To Registering A Business Offshore Than Saving Tax

offshore company
There’s been a lot hype in the press over the last few years about companies that operate in the UK but pay little if any tax to the UK government. Facebook paid just £4,000 in UK tax in 2014 despite making revenues in excess of hundreds of millions of pounds from UK users of the social network. Other offenders include Amazon, Starbucks, Google and Play to name but a few. But other than the obvious tax advantages of offshore company registration, why else do these huge corporate register their businesses away from the UK? And indeed, is there any advantages for small businesses to do the same?

fiduciary services Any UK company might consider offshore tax registration due to these 3 good reasons: privacy, efficiency and lower tax rates. The thing is, offshore registration of businesses may not be considerable to everybody or they simply can’t afford to do so. But before we go into the details of the offshore formation, we have to understand that this is not applicable to some kind of businesses. It would be best if you try to look for the assistance of an expert in order to assess whether or not your company is fitting for offshore registration.

Business that can avail the offshore registration may benefit from less taxes as well as protection against business liabilities which come along with company assets. Additionally, this can provide greater opportunity for business competition and next level of research in line with the business. Nevertheless, before putting up an offshore business, you have to make some research first as there are a few nations which provides distinct rules for clients that comes from other countries.

Benefits of registering a business offshore:

1) Lesser Tax Rate

One of the advantages you may enjoy from registering an offshore business in the united kingdom is availing a tax rate cheaper than the usual for your business. If you are to consider an offshore business outside UK, be sure you work with a professional so that you could learn about anything with regards to corporate taxation. This will ensure that there will be no conflict with the tax obligations in the country, where ever you setup business over there.

2) Safeguarding your Propertyoffshore tax haven

Having an offshore company is a big advantage for safeguarding business assets. With offshore business; you’re guaranteed to have a layer of protection from approaching liabilities. Companies that are registered under offshore businesses are known to have great protection from liabilities and also screening of financial status.

3) Lower Operating Cost

Offshore companies usually have lower maintenance requirements and also operating charges. Offshore business registration outside UK is a lot higher compared to within UK itself.

4) Confidentiality

The thing that makes offshore business great is the truth that it’s not mandatory to provide financial information so your privacy would be protected. In addition, the information about the stockholders as well as the directors will always be confidential when under offshore jurisdiction. Financial authorities aren’t allowed to provide company information to any third party company or institution; this is when your business is within the United kingdom.

Consider a company offshore if you want to benefit from countless possibilities. This not just saves tax and protects company assets but also gives an opportunity to operate and compete with new challengers in new market. Therefore, offshore company formation in the UK is complicated but can provide lots of benefits to companies involved in business across international borders. Visit Sanctuary Trust for more information.